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Steamplicity Logo Image

Healthy, balanced meals are created using top quality ingredients, sourced only from approved Compass Group suppliers who meet stringent standards of quality and safety.

Complete meals are created in our Cuisine Centre and then delivered and cooked at the point of service in bespoke packaging. Meals can be cooked very quickly (in just four to six minutes) using microwave energy to create steam from the water in the raw ingredients.

The secret to this speed and consistency of delivery is in the unique valve control system, which regulates the pressure throughout the cooking process - just like an individual pressure cooker.

The result is hot, delicious food which retains its essential nutrients, where the flavour and texture of the food is preserved, while looking and tasting great.

Steamplicity is flexible enough to meet the needs of even the smallest school. Indeed, it is ideal for schools with either no kitchen facilities or where space is limited.

Schools simply need refrigeration and serving equipment, plus a number of microwave ovens - depending on the number of meals to be served. For example, three ovens can provide 80 meals over a lunch period.

The Steamplicity concept is designed to improve food and service standards and to increase take-up of meals. In trials, we have seen take-up of school dinners increase by 100% and the feedback from pupils, teachers and parents alike has been extremely positive.

With Steamplicity we lead the way in the provision of nutritious, hot meals, while meeting the growing demand of parents and enhancing your school's reputation for offering a high quality meal service.

Even though our product is well established, we will continue to develop and extend the range of Steamplicity meals as it is vital that we remain at the forefront of menu development and stay ahead of client, pupil and government demands.

Meeting goverment requirements: All of the meals in the Steamplicity portfolio have been approved by our nutritionalist to ensure they meet the latest government guidelines. We do not add artificial additives or preservatives to our meals.

Standard Recipes: Such an approach produces a consistent end product. The nutritional breakdown of all the meals can be provided on request, as well as information on the ingredients and dietetic suitability of all the meals. Retaining Goodness: Certain vitamin and nutrient losses (especially vitamin C, Folate and vitamin B6) occur under normal, cook-chill operations and during hot holding of conventionally cooked food.

With Steamplicity food is cooked quickly, thanks to the rapid steam technology and just prior to service. Both these measures ensure a higher retention of vitamins and other nutrients.

An Extensive Range:

The Steamplicity menu includes great tasting pasta, delicious poached salmon, authentic chicken korma, plus a range of fresh vegetables and salads, and a choice of desserts. All of these dishes have been created by our team of experts to be nutritionally balanced and at the same time reflect everything we know about young people's taste and demands in food.

Training of staff, both at our Cuisine Centre and at our school sites, is a key factor in the success of Steamplicity.

Employees at the Centre receive bespoke training in food hygiene, health and safety, meal assembly and nutrition. Training courses are run by appropriately qualified staff and all employees are closely supervised by our Quality Assurance Manager.

A rigorous and ongoing training programme ensures we maintain high standards on site.

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