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Special Dietary Requirements

Special diets will be catered for, provided requests for these are supported by a medical report such as a letter from your GP or hospital dietician.

Requests for special diets must be made direct to Chartwells with a supporting letter and the required supporting evidence - email:

A special menu will then be agreed upon, in writing, between the parent and the Area Manager for the child's school. Once signed consent for the diet is received by Chartwells a date will be advised for the menu to commence.  A packed meal should be supplied by the parent/guardian until a commencement date is received.

Parents who require a special diet are advised not to order meals until this process is completed.

Download Our Special Dietary Request Form


If your child does not sit within any of the above or you require any further information please email Chartwells on:

Christmas meal/Theme days

If your child does not receive a special diet from us and requires one for this day please email Chartwells on

Please allow 3 working days prior to order cut off.

Please ensure you attach a doctor/dietician letter stating your child's allergy with a covering email/letter.


Children's Favourite - Thursday 19th January

Gluten Free -  (SD) Ham Pasta – Jelly Pot


Egg Free – Standard Menu


Nut Free – Standard Menu


Milk Free – Sausages with Jacket Potato – Jelly Pot


Milk & Soya Free – Sausages with Jacket Potato – Jelly Pot


Gluten & Milk Free – (SD) Ham Pasta – Jelly Pot


Egg & Nut Free – Standard Menu


Egg & Milk Free – Sausages with Jacket Potato – Jelly Pot


Tomato Free – Macaroni Cheese – Choc Shortbread


Vegetarian – Macaroni Cheese – Choc Shortbread


No Beef/No Pork/ No Beef or Pork – Macaroni Cheese – Choc Shortbread


Vegan – (SD) Beany Pasta – Jelly Pot


Carb Count Information

Chocolate Shortbread 60g portion  -  33g


If your child has special dietary requirements and would like the Theme Day meal please email their name, school, school year group and special dietary requirements to a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the schools advertised date. We will then notify you and the kitchen staff of your child’s menu options for that day.

If a special diet is required going forward the normal special diet process needs to be completed prior to any further hot meals commencing.


If you have any questions regarding menu options please do hesitate to get in contact.

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